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My name is Kat. I simply love everyone in my room. I talk about anything and everything and its unknown what can happen in my room. I’m normally a pretty open person and I really enjoy living every moment. I do have crabby days just like everyone else, but i see that and when I do I work on fixing that…

I feel webcam is a place to get to know who you’re being sexual with, I want people to see me naked so they can know who I am..Not how to play a game show. I feel as if the skin is a gate way to a person. Once you get there shell off (clothes) then you see them for who they are in there bare pure organic skin. You can see all the details..scars, marks, moles…I love seeing someone when they’re vulnerable. I love being vulnerable, willing to show you my skin. Baring my body is showing you who I am inside and out. I love what I do, I enjoy giving people pleasure and happiness. I understand what heart ache can do to a person…The pain is unreal, we all feel pain and this is why we want to feel pleasure..there for, this is why I am here.

Von Kat

Date: September 18, 2014

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